Vegan Alkaline Diet Cookbook


90 Healthy Vegan Alkaline Recipes with 30 Days Meal Plan




An alkaline diet helps balance the pH of body fluids, including blood and urine. Your pH is determined in part by the mineral density of the foods you eat. All living organisms and life forms on earth depend on the maintenance of adequate pH levels. It is often said that diseases and disorders cannot take root in a body with a balanced pH level.

While some experts may not fully agree with this statement, almost all agree that human life requires a very tightly controlled blood pH of around 7.365-7.4. As Forbes magazine puts it, “Our bodies go to extraordinary lengths to maintain a safe pH level.” Your pH can be anywhere from 7.35 to 7.45 depending on the time of day, your diet, what you last ate and the last time you went to the bathroom. If you develop an electrolyte imbalance and frequently ingest too many acidic foods, the changing pH of your body can lead to increased “acidosis,” which in turn is the root of the majority of life-threatening diseases.