If you’re a go-getter with big dreams, Mentor Elite is for YOU. Maybe you’re someone with big goals, but you’re lacking the know-how and accountability to execute. If you’re ready to invest in building a new you that was always within then life coaching is for you.

Coaching will allow you to work one on one with your coach, you’ll work hand-in-hand to realize your full and true potential. You’ll focus on creating achievable goals and taking action to create the success you dream of. Your coach will act as a mirror to increase your self-awareness and a non-biased sounding board to help you address the problems and obstacles you face. Perhaps most importantly, your coach will be an accountability partner holding you to your goals and deadlines so you can maximize your happiness and success.


  • Define your vision for yourself and your future
  • Develop meaningful goals with a plan to achieve them
  • Understand yourself better and recognize where you’re lacking focus.
  • Create work-life balance
  • Establish healthy routines
  • Identify what triggers you
  • Develop courage, confidence and self-worth
  • Re-frame negative self talk
  • Build and strengthen relationships


We utilize live online one-on-one coaching sessions and proprietary curriculum in our online eCoaching platform. Your mentor coach will assign you modules to complete in between sessions to document your reflections, insights and commitments and to maximize the impact of your time spent together. While the curriculum will be tailored to you and your unique needs, it typically includes:

Develop self-awareness and set meaningful goals

You first must truly understand yourself, who you are and what drives you to be able to craft a meaningful and personally fulfilling lifestyle. Work with your coach to gain self-awareness and then set concrete goals that are aligned with your personal values.

Balance priorities and manage time effectively

The demands on our time are ever-increasing, and it can feel like it’s just never the right time to get started on those goals and passion projects. Your coach will help you to prioritize properly, overcome procrastination and learn new techniques to manage your time most effectively.

Build lifestyle habits that move you closer to your ideal self

We don’t just want short bursts of inspiration; we want ongoing habits that, over time, no longer require mental energy to complete. You’ll work with your coach to determine the behavior and mindset changes you need to make to move you toward your goals.

Gain confidence and raise the bar

While you’re seeing tangible progress in your life and milestones being reached, you’ll also experience an evolution of self. With each new goal met and risk taken, your confidence will grow. In an interactive process, you’ll continue to work with your coach to raise the bar and achieve more than you initially thought possible.


We offer two levels of membership to fit your goals and budget. Both membership options include:

1:1 sessions with your coach

You’ll meet with your coach 1:1 based on the frequency of your choosing.

Tailored assignments in our Ecoaching suite

Your coach will assign you Ecoaching activities to develop and enhancing your coaching experience.

4 Sessions Monthly Membership

 Meet with your coach 4 times per month and make immediate progress toward your goals. 

2 Sessions Monthly Membership

Meet with your coach twice a month to balance your busy schedule while maintaining momentum toward long-term goals.

You can also choose the 90-Day Renew You Program


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