Meet Jason Rodie

Jason Rodie was born on August 16, 1979 in Los Angeles, CA. From his first breath, life was a challenge- an opportunity to overcome and never give up. Having complications from being 4 months premature; developing Cerebral Palsy as a result of being dropped on his head as a new born; delay in walking- dragging his leg and being told he would be wheelchair bound for life; being bullied as an adolescent; having a run with cancer; complications of his liver and being told he had 3 months to live as a young adult.

Rodie could have given up at any point during these challenging life events, but instead his spirit persevered, his determination and will strengthened, he became clear that his purpose on this earth was to use his story to inspire, motivate, uplift and empower all walks of life- declaring that anything is possible!

Anything can be overcome if you see it, believe it and put in the work toward making it happen. Balancing the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of life is something Rodie prides himself on, which has been crucial in his personal growth.

Family is his driving factor- the motivation that keeps him propelling forward intently. Rodie’s current ventures includes personal training, mentorship coaching and a podcast. As someone who has spent years working on himself, both mentally and physically. He owned a gym and facility for 5 years where they even trained Paralympic athletes. Rodie’s passion is broadcasting positive & thought-provoking conversations via Podcasts. Discussing various topics ranging from bullying all the way to financial planning. Offering tips and assistance to those ready to receive the information and better their own lives. He believes everyone has greatness within them and no better time than right now to let your greatness shine bright for the world to see.