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Personalized Training

With a systematic approach and assessing each client, we will create a personalized safe fun and challenging program that will help each individual reach their fitness goals and transform there mind and body.

Online Training App

Clients will receive individualized fitness plans and weekly updates via the Online Training App.

What’s Included?

Full Access to Online Training App

Personalized Fitness Strategy

Customized Training Schedule

Food and Meal Tracking

Continuous Support Through App

Daily and Weekly Email/Mobile Reminders


Exercise Tutorials


One-on-One Video Conferencing

Before & After Photos


Since I started with TCFIT, I have seen increased strength, size and energy levels! They approach fitness on a level I haven’t experienced on an online platform before!”
Brian R.

Not having an active workout schedule in the past, TCFIT has been great in supporting my training objectives. The outcome is laser focused, and I have been able to see continual improvement from month to month. I’m excited to see what’s to come in the future.”
Shaun B.

Rodie is wonderful- I can’t say enough good things about him. I am so pleased with my online personal training program with him and with the results that I am achieving.”
Emily D.

I started off this journey very nervous and skeptical of my own determination. I knew that I wanted to and needed to make changes to better my mental and physical health but was unsure of I would be able to stick with it. Rodie makes it so easy and is great at motivation. It was so easy to stay on target with my workouts using Rodie’s Triple Crown Fitness App, along with My Fitness App for meals. I was seeing results for myself after the very first week. I was more clear minded, felt accomplished, and felt like I had more energy. I especially like the fact that they have descriptive videos to help you with moves you are unsure of, as well as, substitutions for moves that your just not at that level yet or don’t have the right equipment. I will definitely continue using both the App and Rodie’s expertise to further my fitness journey.”
Kaily B.

I am very happy with my experience with Triple Crown Fitness. My trainer Rodie is excellent, he knows how to help me in doing my training properly. I am so fortunate to have him.”

Triple Crown Fitness is AWESOME! I get personal workouts tailored to meet my goals that I can do around my schedule. As a mother of four with a full-time job, the idea of having to meet a trainer at a facility during business hours is a dream! Triple Crown fitness enables me to still maintain my workout goals, feel incredible and do it around my crazy schedule. My trainer responds to my messages very quickly and I’ve never had any issues. The workouts are easy to follow and there are short videos to show you the exact exercises you are doing. You can easily document your reps and weight. I really like to see the progress photos because as the days continue on And I might not see the difference in the mirror I can definitely see it side-by-side in a photo over my progress. I can even log my nutrition and receive feedback from my trainer.”
Shannon R.

It was very efficient and easy to follow. I was able to see results very quickly and I appreciate how he was very motivating and encouraging, especially on the days I didn’t really want to train. I highly recommend this program because of its consistency and amazing program.”
Brianna R.

I did the 90-day package and it was absolutely incredible. It has changed my life in so many ways both physically and mentally. I highly recommend TCFIT and their online training.”
Dominic R.

Rodie has helped me so much with coaching, getting my mind right so that I can prepare for events and even in my daily life. I know now that I have to have the right mindset before I can move forward onto the physical part of training.”
Fernando T.


Personal Training: 90 Day Challenge

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