Questions and Answers

1.When did you start working on your CP?

I started working on my CP around Jr. High. I wanted to play basketball and look good for girls. Hehe So I decided I better step it up and start working hard on this CP thing.

2.Who is your all time favorite athlete? 

That’s easy, Michael Jordan

3.What is your favorite animal, and what animal best represents you?

I love dogs, grew up with Pitbulls. I also love lions which  would say best fits me as far as being loyal, I’m a Leo and attitude.

4.What do you like to do most?

Be with my family, with everything going on, I really cherish my time with them

5.What is your favorite kind of music?

It would be hard to pick just one. Most would say R and B and rap, but growing up my dad expanded my music love to many different types from Rush to Pearl Jam. Id have to say I really love most music. Its a great release for me.