Coaching and Presentations Available

gI_84541_Svoboda - RetouchedDr. William (Bill) Svoboda is the author of YOUR CHOICES, YOUR LIFE and WHAT’S MOST IMPORTANT?  He will develop customized presentations to individuals, groups and organizations based primarily on the concepts and skills presented in these books. These books and presentations form the mental/intellectual bases of dealing with life and are especially important to those coping with handicaps.  Presentations can include individual and group coaching, seminars, workshops, large-group speeches or other media depending on client needs.


The services described below are based on the idea that everyone and every organization can get better. Further, that we should act as if there is no end to our potential. This is the derivation of the company name, PotentialMAX.

The services offered by our company are also based on the idea that an unbiased, objective and knowledgeable professional can best lead the analyses of individuals and organizations who request assistance. After getting a request for assistance and prior to any contract signing, we will clarify the needs and expectations of all parties involved. At this time remunerations will be negotiated and finalized. Normally all travel expenses will be requested but other professional expenses will be negotiated depending on the specific needs of the client.

IMG_3473The professional analysis of a company will normally include involvement and input from management, employees, customers and any other “players” involved in the enterprise. Interviews and other data will be treated as private and personal unless the contract states otherwise. The analyses will result in specific recommendations by PotentialMAX. These will normally include highlighting strengths on which to build and for identifying needed adjustments in personal and/or organizational behaviors if to achieve progress.

In most instances, PotentialMAX will include one or more follow-up sessions weeks or months later to evaluate the effectiveness of the recommendations and their implementations. If it is determined by either party that the contract was not fully met by me or my organization, we will renegotiate the professional expenses part of the contract to the satisfaction of both parties.

Services Listed

  • For-Profit Organizations (Based on organizational request)
  • Non-Profit Organizations (Based on organizational request)
  • Individual Coaching/Tutorials (Examples: habits, nutrition, exercise)
  • Seminars (Examples: stress reduction, self-talk, the power of how we think)
  • Speeches (Any of the topics or combination of topics from my books, this website or of the suggestions for further research in What’s Most Important?)
  • Training (ex. Problem solving, critical thinking, decision-making)
  • Book Sales: “YOUR CHOICES, YOUR LIFE”and “WHAT’S MOST IMPORTANT?” (Bulk purchases of books can be discounted and books can be included as part of speeches, training, etc.)

Contact me by emailing me directly at, or by calling 480-630-1030 or 480-236-3346 (cell) Mountain Standard Time all year round.

Personal Training

p3At Petro’s Pro Performance every client is provided with professional guidance and the proper tools to achieve any goal from weight loss to a peak athletic level. Our training atmosphere provides a friendly and family feel but with a competitive and focused edge.
We are confident we will exceed your expectations and goals. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.
Email us at ( or call (602-363-5739) to set up your free consultation!


20140624_090245We offer flexible nutrition programming! From online to in studio we will design and monitor your nutrition week to week. If you are looking to compete your prep will be guided with knowledgeable and meticulous instruction. If you are looking to improve your performance in athletics (high school sports, crossfit, MMA, cycling, powerlifting, competitive running, etc.) we will provide the nutrition detail to allow you to perform at your best!
At Petro’s Pro Performance we believe in a HEALTHY and FLEXIBLE (i.e. IIFYM) approach to NUTRITION. Your genetic potential, along with effort, and proper instruction from Petro’s Pro Performance will dictate your success. Most importantly we are going to have fun!